Lala And Carmelo Anthony Are Not Seperating Lala Speaks


carmelo lala split1 Lala And Carmelo Anthony Are Not Seperating Lala Speaks

Rumors about Lala and Carmelo Anthony have been having rumors going around about them splitting up and Lala is speaking out about those rumors. Here is what she had to say about everything:

“Everything is wonderful in the Anthony household,” the reality star told Kit Hoover and Billy Bush on Monday’s Access Hollywood Live. “We’ve been together for 10 years. If anyone says you don’t go through ups and downs in 10 years, they’re lying.
“We’re in a real relationship – we have our ups, we have our downs, but we definitely work through them and we’re doing great right now.”

Lala also added throughout their relationship their over crowded schedule can be a lot to manage.

“The downs are having two intense careers and remembering to put the marriage first, and remembering to work as hard in the marriage as we do in our careers, and being parents and everything else,””The highs are – he’s my best friend,” she said, smiling. “We get through the hard times because we know that we want this marriage to work.”

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