Lamar Odom “I Don’t Have A Crack Problem” (VIDEO)


Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, because it’s definitely what Lamar Odom is experiencing because he exclusively told the media himself last night that he does NOT have a crack problem. He also says he’s not an addict, he doesn’t need professional help and he’ll definitely play in the NBA next season. Hmmm?

lamar odom hry7mw Lamar Odom I Dont Have A Crack Problem (VIDEO)


The 33-year old NBA star was out at Teru Sushi in Studio City last night and after taking some photos with fans he finally faced the media and addressed this whole drug addict thing. Despite the fact that just about every one in his life, personally and professionally is aware of his battle with drugs and has been trying to get him help, Lamar pretty much said everything is just fine.

Throughout the last year he’s been accused of cheating with several women, been thrown out of hotels, was recently busted for a DUI, spent time in rehab and been dropped by several NBA teams – but if you ask him, everything is OK! The photog asked if he’s spoken to Khloe and Lamar laughed it off awkwardly saying, “that’s my wife, of course, of course.” He ended it all by insisting, “life is good!” Check out the entire interview on TMZ.

Do you believe Lamar?



Lamar Odom “I Don’t Have A Crack Problem” (VIDEO)