LeBron’s Chance at Redemption


LebronSpurs4 280x186 LeBrons Chance at RedemptionFour years into the league, a very young LeBron James carried his Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Championship.  The only problem was that he had to face the San Antonio Spurs.  A team, who at the time, had their own “Big Three” in Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili, who are the only three teammates to ever make the NBA Finals four times who have not played for the Lakers or the Celtics.  LeBron and the Cavs were swept by the Spurs in the 2007 NBA Championship.

Fastforward to 2013.  LeBron has proven that he is no longer afraid to take the last shot when the game is on the line.  He has improved his game by working on what he considered to be his weaknesses, such as his post game, three point shot, and free throws.  Lebron believes that he is “50 times better” than he was in 2007, and very few people would disagree.

Could this be the year that LeBron, the league’s 4 time MVP, has a chance to redeem himself for his lackluster performance of the 2007 Championship?  This time around, Lebron is a part of his own “Big Three”, and there is no doubt that he wants this one just as much as he did his first.

I’m going with Miami Heat in 6.  What do you think?