Liberace’s Ex-Lover Busted For Meth


Scott Thorson, who was portrayed by Matt Damon in “Behind the Candelabra” is not back behind bars after being busted for meth. Liberace‘s ex-lover was arrested after he violated probation for failing a random drug test.

scott thorson dokzwk Liberaces Ex Lover Busted For Meth


If you recall, we reported recently that Dennis Hof, the famous owner of The Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada had recently bailed Scott out of jail and was helping him by allowing him to live at the Bunny Ranch and be able to get proper medical treatment. Thorson had been in jail originally for a burglary and identity theft conviction.

Scott Thorson also suffers from stage II colon cancer, but now Liberace’s ex-boyfriend is right back behind bars – of course until Hof comes bailing him out again.



Liberace’s Ex-Lover Busted For Meth