Lil Wanye New Album In Full Promotion


Lil Wayne8 01 Lil Wanye New Album In Full Promotion

Lil Wayne is no stranger to making hits on albums and taking things to a whole new approach. Right now Weezy is in full promotion for his album that is entitled, “I am not a human being II” the rapper who sold a million copies in one week on a former record, has already put out a few songs as singles and they have already became hits.

“No worries”, “Rich as F****” featuring 2 chainz, and “B**** love me” with Future and Drake tagging along in the song are among the few on the new album. “Staring at the world” displays Wayne on auto tune. With his unique and catchy punch lines.

Wayne does not care what anyone has to say about him. From his music to his hair to the way he carries himself he could care less of what the next person has to say.

It has been confirmed that this single including the others will make the album cut.

Tunechi is also planning on hitting the world a few times with Mac Miller and 2 chainz starting in March. They have a fifteen date European tour.

In November he talked with MTV News about his friendship with 2 Chainz.
“I knew Chainz long before he was rapping” Wayne explained to MTV News,”When he came with his song, I gave him that ‘Duffle Bag Boy’ hook, and history from there,” Wayne said of their first collaboration in 2007 when 2 Chainz was associated with the rap and hip hop group Playaz Circle.

Go listen to his new single on the MTV website and tell us what you think about it.

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