Lindsay Lohan Has A New Boyfriend (DETAILS)


Aside from her drinking problem, probation violation and soon-to-be stint in lockdown rehab, it appears Lindsay Lohan is attempting to get her life in order – or perhaps just her love life.  Lohan apparently has a new boyfriend and his name is Avi Snow.

lohan avi snow Lindsay Lohan Has A New Boyfriend (DETAILS)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Avi Snow is a New York City based musician and club promoter.  Snow plays guitar for the indie band, City of the Sun.  The 26-year old actress is allegedly in the early stages of romance with Avi, who allegedly flew with her to L.A. earlier this week as she rushed to get to her court hearing.

We’re not quite sure Avi Snow would be the best influence on Lindsay, being a club promoter and all.  This girl needs to steer clear of the night clubs and partying, not get caught up in it again.  Hopefully she’s got her head on straight and isn’t letting the addiction do the talking.



Lindsay Lohan Has A New Boyfriend (DETAILS)