Making History Four Years At A Time. Again


Today President Barak Obama will be making history again for the next four years. He will be swore in as President live in front of an estimate of 700,000 people. He make history four years ago when he became the first African American President of the United States. He was sworn in yesterday by the Chief Justice in a private ceremony in the blue room of the white house. It was just family surrounding him.

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This time he will be sworn in with smaller crowds then four years ago and less inaugural balls and festivities because of the timing with economies and other pitfalls. Many had their eyes on Mr. Barak as he served our country over the last four years. He did not fail us as well as not covering as much as some expected in the time frame he was giving.

Today Obama began his day by worshiping at the church St. John’s Episcopal across from the white house. He will take another oath and then perform his inaugural speech in front of thousands. Last time it was a record 1.8 million people who saw him deliver the speech in person in Washington. He is expected to end the day with the Vice President Biden.

 Making History Four Years At A Time. Again

Will you be giving Obama support for the next four terms?

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Making History Four Years At A Time. Again,