Man Buried Alive Crawls His Way Out Of Grave (VIDEO)


A poor woman got the scare of a lifetime while visiting her family tomb in Brazil one day. What took place is something you’d probably never, ever want to see happen in the middle of a cemetery.

The woman, who is currently unidentified, was at a cemetery in Sao Paulo’s Ferraz de Vasconcelos when she heard some odd noises and saw some dirt moving near a grave. That’s when she spotted a man who had been buried alive, trying to climb out of his grave and pull himself from the ground.

Buried Alive zgyqxz Man Buried Alive Crawls His Way Out Of Grave (VIDEO)

According to local reports, the woman explained, “I was terrified to see a man who I thought was dead, trying to get out of the grave.” The woman notified authorities who arrived to dig the rest of the man’s body out of the ground. The man had already managed to free his head and arms from underground.

In the video posted below, broadcast on a local station Record TV, you’ll see the rescue team pulling the rest of the man out from the grave. The man worked as a city hall employee and it’s still unclear how he came to be buried alive. After being rescued from his grave, he was taken to the hospital for treatment. The condition of the man has not been disclosed, reportedly. Check out the video of the man being pulled out alive, below.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

Man Buried Alive Crawls His Way Out Of Grave (VIDEO)