Meet The Flockers


Angry Birds Space Ad Free with 1 MP3 Credit 593x360 Meet The Flockers

Google is coming through hot and heavy with a rendition of Angry Birds. Everyone is familiar with angry birds regardless of whether or not you have a smart phone. Google marketed the bejesus out of this game with everything from pillows to flip flops to drinking cups. Now you will always have something to do when you’re taking a 30 minute dump or riding the subway. Angry Birds Space has innovations previously foreign to the original series, such the absence of gravity and the introduction of water and buoyancy. Apart from that, the game features:

• 150 interstellar levels
• Regular free updates
• Brand new birds
• Brand new superpowers
• Zero-gravity space adventures
• Trick shots using planets’ gravity
• Hidden bonus levels
• Beautifully detailed backgrounds

Angry Birds Space is a snort; it was awarded IGN’s “Best Mobile Game of 2012.”

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Meet The Flockers