Michael Vick Refuses To Hide From Serious Death Threats (DETAILS)


Michael Vick has been receiving some really serious death threats, so serious that he had to cancel his book tour after “credible threats” were called in to several Barnes & Noble stores across the country.  But Michael Vick is now saying he will not be bullied into hiding.

michael vick Michael Vick Refuses To Hide From Serious Death Threats (DETAILS)

(Photo Credit: Tim Shaffer/ Reuters)

Vick’s rep told TMZ, “Regardless of the past threats, he has millions of fans around the world and has been receiving countless messages of support. He will continue to keep an active schedule working with charities.”  Michael Vick does charitable work for Team Freedom Outreach (recreation and visitation programs for youth detention centers) and the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.

Michael Vick‘s new book called “Finally Free” is an autobiography about Vick’s rags to riches to rags to redemption life.  Though after that whole dog fighting situation, Vick has a lot of enemies in the world, who want nothing to do with his book or him.  Vick also recently adopted a new dog, which is a military dog used by the Navy SEALS.  Criticism surrounds the fact of who would let a dog killer adopt another dog; especially a trained military dog.  So this all could possibly explain those death threats.

Meanwhile, Vick is determined to prove he’s a new man since his past indiscretions and his rep says, “Mike is committed to helping make his community a better place.  He is determined to continue his work with charity and helping others.”

Do you support what Michael Vick is trying to do OR once a dog killer, always a dog killer?




Michael Vick Refuses To Hide From Serious Death Threats (DETAILS)