Michelle Kwan Will Be A Correspondent For Fox Sports


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Michelle Kwan, the most decorated U.S. figure skater and an icon for the sport, will be joining Picabo Street as an analyst for the Winter Olympics with Fox Sports this February. Kwan will cover a variety of sports for Fox for their cable sports channel Fox Sports 1, which will be launching this month. The two time Olympic medalist has said that she has been encouraged by the network to be innovative in her the way that she reports and what she reports on. Kwan has said that she would like to report on sports like hockey and curling, and will obviously be an asset to have for the figure skating portion. She has also shown an interest in covering the Super Bowl for the network.

In 2010 Kwan reported for ABC from the Vancouver Games, so she does have some experience with sports reporting.Kwan has emphasized that she will be approaching sports from a more personal angle instead of subjectively. She wants the viewers to understand what the athletes are thinking in the minutes before everything begins so that they can have a more intimate idea of what athletes go through. She is already working on getting an interview with Evan Lyacek who was the 2010 gold medalist for mens figure skating.

image source: sports illustrated

Michelle Kwan Will Be A Correspondent For Fox Sports