Miguel Tejada Suspended For 105 Games


votan a miguel tejada de los gigantes de san francisco hvikx0 Miguel Tejada Suspended For 105 Games

After testing positive for the use of drugs on more than one occasion this season, Kansas City Royals infielder Miguel Tejada has been suspended for 105 games. Tejada tested positive for using Adderall, something he would like fans to know he doesn’t use in order to get an advantage over other players. Tejada has been using the drug for years and previously had medical permission to do so, but when it expired in April he was not able to get it renewed. Although he knew that using the drug was against the rules he was not able to stop using it because of his ADD.

The 2002 American League MVP and six time all-star has publicly apologized to his teammates for his behavior and has not made any claims towards appealing the decision. The suspension is the third longest in the history of the MLB, which is a record that he may not want to have. The Royals had placed him on the injured list for a strained calf for 60 days after the team signed Emilio Bonaficio, and he will be allowed to use the portion of that time as a part of his suspension.

In 2009 Tejada plead guilty to misleading Congress about the use of performance enhancing within the MLB, which is a crime that he holds a conviction for. He admitted that he had with held information about a teammates drug use and that he had bought drugs though he never used them.

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Miguel Tejada Suspended For 105 Games