Mischa Barton Refuses To Pay Sober Coaches


Mischa Barton has just recently started pulling her life together but back in 2009, she needed a team of sober coaches to help her with that.  Unfortunately though she racked up a bill to the tune of $90k for using their services and now refuses to pay.

Mischa was ordered to pay Doctors’ Choice Nursing $95,000 in 2011 for ‘unspecified services’ rendered in 2009.  However, Barton chose not to show up in court after the lawsuit was filed and there was a default judgement made against her.  It really hasn’t been a secret that Mischa‘s been a hot mess in past years, but the the actual nature of the services from the nursing staff were kept secret until being revealed in court that it was to keep her sober.  Though it was never stated from what ‘substance’ she was being kept sober of.

mischa barton 1 Mischa Barton Refuses To Pay Sober Coaches

(Photo Credit: Celebuzz)

Mischa Barton‘s lawyer was in court on Thursday, fighting the judgement made against her for failing to appear.  The lawyer also attacked the owner of Doctors’ Choice Nursing as to why they didn’t notify Mischa of her growing bill.  The owner of DCN responded by saying they didn’t want to ‘stress’ Mischa and interfere with her sobriety due to the mounting bill.  The owner of DCN said it was the nurses’ job to keep Mischa sober before an important acting job in fall 2009, which was the same year she starred in the CW show, “The Beautiful Life.”

Mischa Barton‘s lawyer is claiming it was Mischa’s mother who hired the agency to keep the actress sober.  Therefore it is the mother’s responsibility to handle the mounting bill, not Mischa.  The judge has not ruled on the matter yet.


Mischa Barton Refuses To Pay Sober Coaches