MLB Doppelgangers


Practically everyone has a celebrity look-alike. Some people just look more like theirs than others. I don’t know how flattered I would be if I were some of the guys in this blog, but the resemblance is undeniable. Check out some of the best MLB doppelgangers:

Brad Penny and Larry the Cable Guy

brad penny larry cable guy itbppx MLB Doppelgangers

Lost actor Matthew Fox and Justin Verlander

verlander doppleganger yv6gyd MLB Doppelgangers

Buzz from Home Alone and Freddie Freeman

buzz freeman ivm53p MLB Doppelgangers

James Earl Jones and Dusty Baker

james earl jones dusty baker xp52qg MLB Doppelgangers

Chipper Jones and Matt Damon

chipper matt damon py3gnd MLB Doppelgangers

Image Sources: fox sports, MLB, bleacherreport

MLB Doppelgangers