MLB Playoff Pretenders


We’re less than a month away from the All-Star Break and teams across the league have established their identities. Unfortunately for the guys on this list, it’s not good news. All five of them are in contention, but I don’t see it lasting. Let’s check it out…

washington nationals scfcsz MLB Playoff Pretenders

Washington Nationals – the Nats have struggled all season long. Their pitching seems to have worked itself out, but the hitting is non-existent. I think the bats will come around, but it may be too little too late as the Braves who haven’t even been hitting on all cylinders are 6.5 games up.

pittsburgh pirates qzqlck MLB Playoff Pretenders

Pittsburgh Pirates – the Pirates have been a much improved ball club. They’ve got a star in Andrew McCutchen and he finally has a decent supporting cast. In a division with the Reds and Cardinals, I don’t see the Pirates hanging around all season.

colorado rockies gfnlwe MLB Playoff Pretenders

Colorado Rockies – the Rockies have had a solid season so far. Just a couple games behind the Diamondbacks, Colorado has been holding their own. It’s a tough division though in the NL West with the reigning World Series champs. The Rockies will likely have to compete for a wildcard spot, if that.

cleveland indians qamesh MLB Playoff Pretenders

Cleveland Indians – the Indians are a better ball club than everyone thought they might be. You have to give a lot of credit to Terry Francona, but Cleveland will start to fade as the season wears on.

kansas city royals yejnru MLB Playoff Pretenders

Kansas City Royals – the Royals are in the same boat as the Indians. A division that will be won by the Detroit Tigers is a tough one to be in. KC is a tougher team than everyone thought, but they won’t be going to the playoffs.

Image Sources: bleacherreport

MLB Playoff Pretenders