Model Of The Day – Antoinette Lenae


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A few weeks ago we introduced you to the beautiful Antoinette Lenae through her instagram page. Allow us to formally introduce you to the Atlanta based model as she’s our model of the day. This Georgia peach is a down to earth, cool girl with dreams of having a big family and owning a boutique. She’s also a sneakerhead! Find out what her favorite pair of Jordans are:

Name: Antoinette Lenae


Born:Atlanta, Ga.

Ethnicity:African American

Relationship Status:Single



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What do you look for in a guy?
The ideal guy for me would be a honest, thoughtful, hilarious, romantic,stylish, athletic, family oriented because I am a mother, self motivate, confident, secure person.

What type of guy do you normally go after?
I typically am attracted to the artistic and stylish guys…

How long have you been modeling?
8 Years now

How often do you work out?
Should be more frequent but only 3 days a week

Who is your favorite person to work with? (photographer, designer, etc)
I’ve had the pleasures of working with some of the most amazing and talented photographers in the past, I couldn’t choose just one. I have many favorites when it comes to fashion but some of my stunning pieces this year have been from

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Are you a shoeaholic?
I am a shoeaholic, ironically I own more sneakers than heels

What about a sneakerhead? What’s your favorite kicks?
My absolute all time favorite sneakers are the air jordan 14′s Original (OG) low- Varsity Royal/Black &White and the The Air More Uptempo

What article of men’s clothing do you like to wear yourself?
Their t shirts

What kind of style do you look for in a guy?
Personally if you have style a guy may have several different looks as long as he cultivate habits that boost his style. Know what compliments him and confident enough to be different

Turn offs?
An Insecure man

Favorite thing you like a guy to do for / to you?
Build a connection with me, Im a idealists, a sentimental dreamer, the imaginative fantasy chasing individual. Lets make love look like art…

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Oldest / Youngest Guy you would date?
The oldest guy 27, youngest 22

What are some of your other interest besides modeling?
I love fashion, art work, oldie music, Broadway and traveling.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
I see myself a loving supportive wife and mother to a huge family while owning my own clothing boutique.

Appreciate you taking the time.
Thank you again, its been a pleasure

image source: Antoinette Lenae

Model Of The Day – Antoinette Lenae