Must See Scary Movie: V/H/S Review


So here it is — this is what happens when you give a couple of horror dudes some iPhones and various other video capturing devices, send them on their way for a few hours and have them return to edit their offerings into a full length film.
V/H/S, the latest addition to the found footage genre, is a horror anthology with a handful of stories, all by different directors, all shot at different times. That said, I was expecting to watch Jackass, and I did for the first few minutes. But it was worth it because it was just a cushy beginning for a pretty good scary movie, one that I’ll be thinking about for a long time.
Things start off with a prologue called Tape 56 [Adam Wingard], about a group of misfit guys [yes, your Jackass moment] hired to break into an old man’s house and find a VHS tape. Once they get in, not only do they find the old man dead in front of the glowing screen of a TV, they also find a whole slew of unmarked tapes, each with their own 15 – 20 minute long gruesome story:



Scary Movie: V/H/S Review