NBA Players Are Now Being Fined For Flopping


Just recently, the NBA has added a new rule that if a player is caught flopping they are fined $5000.Yes you read that correctly. And no it doesn’t make sense. Just a little background information for people out there who do not exactly know what it means to “flop” in basketball. To “flop” means to over exaggerate a certain motion and/or action for the purpose of getting a foul called on an opposing player. The “flop” is used widely by basketball artists (yes, I said artists) that know the fundamentals of the game and what the referees look for when making a call. It can be quite a mental con game. For example, if LeBron James goes up for a layup and notices that he has already beaten the defender, while observing a late reaction he may “flop” (act like he got fouled) to get the foul call in addition to making the basket.

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Well, just when you thought the NBA couldn’t do it again they have added “flopping” to the list of things you can be fined for. This is almost as horendous a policy as the “palming violation” implemented after Allen Iverson embarrassed the G.O.AT. Michael Jordan with his electrifying cross-over. But fining players for “flopping”? How about the refs just not call them?

Before you know it, they’ll be fining NBA players for “swagger” at the free throw line.

What are your thoughts?

NBA Players Are Now Being Fined For Flopping