(NEW MUSIC) Phlo Finister Releases “Poster Girl” EP


R&B songstress, Phlo Finister has been working hard since she released her Crown Gold EP last year.  Phlo, who reigns from Oakland and is only 21 years old, has finally completed her second EP called “Poster Girl.”  When asked to describe her new project she said,

“I wanted to paint a picture, but not just any picture, a self portrait. Poster Girl is a reflection of Phlo Finister. I had to look at myself as an artist. I had to leave my physical shell. The closest way to describe Poster Girl is my outer body experience I had while painting myself.”

“Poster GIrl” has a hypnotizing sound that only a mod-inspired singer such as Phlo can produce.  Take a listen below.

What do you think of Phlo’s new EP?


(NEW MUSIC) Phlo Finister Releases “Poster Girl” EP