New Sony PlayStation Vita A Product Flop According To Wall Street


The follow up to the game changing gaming device PSP has been stated by Wall Street officials to be a complete and utter “dud” on the market. Comparisons of the PSVita were made to Apple Maps and the Dodge Chart (ouch!).

psp vita New Sony PlayStation Vita A Product Flop According To Wall Street

Since the product’s launch in February sales have declined significantly. “From its release date to June 30, just 2.2 million PlayStation Vita units were sold, far less than the 3.6 million units Nintendo 3DS sold in just its first month”, writes Samuel Weigley of The Wall Street Journal.

I think anybody with a little common sense can see what happened here. Let’s examine the specifics of the PSVita Device–3G Network, Front & Rear Camera, Motion Sensor, Touch Screen, Rear Touch (so what?), GPS, Cross Platform Play. Now what do all these basic features of this gaming device have in common you might ask? Well, they can all be found in..hmmm..your mobile phone? Not to mention the iPad and Android Tablet devices. The only selling point this merchandise has is that one can play popular PlayStation games such as ‘Call of Duty’, and to be quite frank it’s not worth $300 for that.

Sony has a lot of work to do. It’s not enough to come out with something better. A device needs to be necessary and groundbreaking when it comes to technology in this era; otherwise there is no point. What is great is redefined daily–show a beeper to a man in the 1920′s he’d deem you a god, show a first generation ipod to a 6th grader and he’d throw it away.

Who would have thought we would come to the age that our cell phones could do more than our video game console systems?

New Sony PSVita A Product Flop According To Wall Street