New Trailer For Out Of The Furnace


out of the furnace trailer uhwtz4 New Trailer For Out Of The Furnace

The new Christian Bale movie Out Of The Furnace officially has a new trailer. The movie, which will come out in theaters on November 27, stars Bale as Russell a hard working ex con who takes care of his terminally ill father and has a girlfriend played by Zoe Saldana.

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When Russell’s brother Rodney (Casey Affleck) comes home from his active duty in Iraq he gets mixed up an in a bare knuckle under ground fight club-esque situation. Russell has to save his brother from the Big Bad played by Woody Harrelson when he finds that the local authorities can not do much to help them. The drama is directed by Scott Cooper and looks like it could be a very heavy emotional film. Judging by the trailer you shouldn’t go in expecting a stripped down and Pennsylvania based version of Batman, though there will most likely be a large amount of violence throughout the film. The film seems to be looking for small intense moments rather than big explosions, to lead to the climax. Russell is described as being the kind of guy who does what is right no matter how hopeless the cause. The trailer looks very good and if it is a good base to judge the movie it will be awesome.

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New Trailer For Out OF The Furnace