New Years Saving Plan


Whether you’re a single mom raising four kids or a senior citizen working a part-time job at a grocery store, everyone should pay attention to their expenses and find ways to save.  Money management is the key to financial stability. This challenge has gone viral. First Facebook and now Twitter.

So for 2013, we’re going to throw away the phrase “Rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer!” This 52 weeks money challenge ensures that by the end of 52 weeks you will have saved $1, 378.  The challenge simply asks that you save according to the number of the week.  For example, if I start this week I will save $1 and next week $2 and the week after that $3 and so  on until the 52nd week.

52 Week Money Challenge New Years Saving Plan

Now that may not seem like a lot for most people. But I guarantee it will change your financial situation.  That money may be just enough to pay that overdue hospital bill.  It may be just enough for a romantic getaway or even a family cruise on Disney…who knows!?! Are you up for the challenge?

New Years Saving Plan