NFL Has Reached A Settlement With Players (video)


hruby footballsuit post ytmvxx NFL Has Reached A Settlement With Players (video)

The NFL and around 4,500 former players have reached a settlement instead of having to go to court. The concussion related settlement will reward former players with $765 million form the owners, that’s only about $30 million per team in a business that makes several times that every season. The suit claimed that owners hid the truth about dangers conditions from players in order to get them back on the field sooner. The NFL denies this.

The money will be available for those who filed the initial lawsuit and others that choose to come forward later. It will fund medical exams and research, as well as concussion related compensation for players. They will of course have to prove that any brain damage that they have suffered was caused by their time on the field.

The plaintiffs included at least ten members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame among other retirees. The former players are very grateful for such a large settlement without having to go through a drawn out court case, something the NFL is more than capable of doing. Had they gone to court it would not have been an easy win, because their case is difficult to prove. It would have also been bad for the NFL because of the bad publicity that would have made them look like heartless assholes for denying former players the care that they need.

video source:ESPN
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NFL Has Reached A Settlement With Players (video)