NFLPA Official Superbowl Party


Among the former NFL stars was a plethora of musical talent. Soletron had the honor, no, the privelage of interviewing some guys that are headed straight to the top.


DSC 00271 593x409 NFLPA Official Superbowl Party

Malachi, new member of The Dungeon Family and best hip-hop artist at the Georgia Music Awards last year, graced the stage and performed for the NFLPA party. Although he didn’t have a team for the Super Bowl(whoooo Ravens!) his performance was for promotion. He has new project in the works with artist Dionysus titled “The Black and White” album. Be on the look out folks!! Unsigned artist Malachi’s single “Hustlin Boy” is his underground soul record! Rapping, singing and production are some of his many talents.

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 NFLPA Official Superbowl Party

A dynamic duo hit the stage last night at the NFLPA official Super Bowl party. RnB group TNT came through to prefer three original sings. “Too Turnt” had the crowd live! They have a mixtape project coming out in a couple months as well. This group is definitely someone you want to look out for. For a team that works so well together it was interesting that their picks for the big game were split down the middle.

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Image Source: Soletron

NFLPA Official Superbowl Party