*NSYNC Reunion Is Happening


It’s been confirmed, sort of, by Joey Fatone‘s dad, Joseph Fatone (confusing, I know) – that *NSYNC will be reuniting at the VMAs. Fatone Sr. (the father) says, “I think it’s exciting.  I couldn’t even say why he’s doing it though. Why, at this point in his life. Now he’s his own man.”

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(PHOTO CREDIT: fanpop.com)

E! is reporting that the boys of *NSYNC are currently in a rehearsal space trying to figure out the details for Sunday. The VMAs are a gigantic platform and Justin Timberlake is receiving a big time award, but there may be more reasons than that as to why the boys are reuniting that we aren’t aware of.

Lance Bass actually tried to convince fans during his radio show that a reunion was not taking place. If this happens, which we’re guessing it will – at least in some context – it’ll be the greatest thing ever. Watching former boy-bander’s dance in the shadow of their uber famous leader is always enjoyable. Remember the Spice Girls reunion during the Olympics? This will be 100 times better than that, for sure!

SOURCE: The Huffington Post, EOnline.com, RadarOnline.com

*NSYNC Reunion Is Happening