OJ Simpson has 3 months to live?


oj simpson OJ Simpson has 3 months to live?

Prison physicians are saying that OJ Simpson has only 3 months to live due to a high case of diabetes, and an unhealthy live style behind bars.

Doctor’s are urging Simpson to change his lifestyle as soon as possible. He is reportedly eating just processed foods, and not exercising causing him to gain a lot of weight, and increasing his blood pressure.

A source close to Simpson has reportedly said that Simpson doesn’t care because he will never get out of prison.

His deteriorating health was recognized at his May hearing, it has been discovered that he weighs 300 pounds.

The Lawyer of OJ Simpson has said that he has not heard anything on the health of his client, and that the last he thought was that his client was in good shape.

Simpson is currently in Jail for 33 years on Robbery.

IMAGE SOURCE:(Hollywoodreporter)


(OJ Simpson has 3 months to live?)