Olympic Gold To PGA Tour? [Video]


michael phelps golf e1360253861528 Olympic Gold To PGA Tour? [Video]

Michael Phelps is taking off his goggles and picking up a golf club. It just so happens that this swimming phenom is pretty darn good at golf too. Ping agrees. Phelps signed a deal with the premium golf equipment company in January.

Phelps has already played on some pretty big stages, including St. Andrews, Scotland for the Dunhill Links Championship. He played with last year’s Masters Champion, Bubba Watson. You can check out his incredible putt from the sixth hole below.

I don’t think there’s anything this man can’t do. He’s said himself that there hasn’t been anything that he can’t semi-pick up. Golf is one of the most meticulous and frustrating sports out there. So does this mean we could be seeing Phelps on the PGA Tour soon? It’s very possible. Phelps already has his sights on more Olympic Gold…this time in khakis instead of a speedo.

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Olympic Gold To PGA Tour?