On This Date in Sports: August 15, 1975


Baltimore Orioles Manager Earl Weaver was never one to pass up a good argument as he was ejected nearly 100 times. One umpire in particular that Weaver battled was Ron Luciano who ejected him eighth times during his career. During a double header against the Texas Rangers, Luciano ejects Weaver twice as the Orioles split the twin bill at Memorial Stadium. The first ejection comes during the eighth inning of Game 1 as the Orioles 10-6. Weaver would not even see the start of the night cap as he and Luciano mixed up during the lineup exchange before the Orioles won 13-1. It would be one of three times Weaver was tossed in both games of a double header.

Weaver On This Date in Sports: August 15, 1975

Orioles Manager Earl Weaver goes nose to nose with Umpire Ron Luciano.