One thing you may not know about Ludacris


Of course it is well known that Ludacris is a rapper and actor from the dirty South. You may even know that he is the co-owner of Disturbing the peace, Conjure Cognac liquor, and Soul headphones; but what you may not know is that Ludacris does a lot of good in the community. Ludacris posted a photo on instagram about his daughter’s educational website that he helped create. So, that led me to do some digging. The website is called Karma’s World which is derived from her name, Karma bridges. The educational site was originally launched in 2011 as an interactive learning center that alternatively uses music and games as a means to learning. The website is geared towards elementary school students; grade one through six as a learning center.

The website just recently re launched in August with 11 new songs and tons of new interactive games to get school aged children to sing along and participate. All of the music featured on the website is performed by her and is available for purchase on iTunes.

karmasworld One thing you may not know about Ludacris

I checked out the website for its functionality and I even let my daughter play a few games. The site is very user friendly and it breaks down into four different categories. Life lessons, Adventure time, Everyday things, and learning is fun. The songs range from bullies, friends, and responsibility to food groups, fractions, and funky bubble land. The website even has element that allows teachers and parents to download lesson plans and tips. My daughter will definitely be using this site from now on.

I think that with the way technology is being used these days, this is a great way to help your kids learn interactively and help steer them away from the negative things technology can also do. Keep up the good work LUDA!

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One thing you may not know about Ludacris