Oprah’s Former Co-Star Goes On A Rant


If you have no idea who Rae Dawn Chong is no one at all will blame you. Though she has been working as an actress since the 80′s she has not been a very big name. One major movie that she was in was The Color Purple with Oprah Winfrey. Chong played Squeak in the film, who was a friend to Whoopi Goldberg’s character Seelie after being involved with Seelie’s step-son. Apparently the two did not get along once Chong started working on different projects.

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Chong appeared on Matty P’s Happy Radio Hour where she discussed her relationship with the great and powerful O in an interview. Chong said the Oprah was very nice to her while they were working together on Purple but that once that was over the mogul completely turned on her. Chong’s rant included her saying that Oprah was obsessed with being beautiful (this is while she implied that Oprah was ugly at least four times), how if you look at Oprah it is clear that she would have been in the fields if she were a slave, and what a fantastic job Oprah does of brown nosing. Note that I had to clean up a lot of the language because it was so foul in Chong’s effort to bash Oprah. You can see unedited transcripts and listen to the interview on TMZ.

Content Source: TMZ
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Oprah’s Former Goes On A Rant