Packers Running Back Out For The Season


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Due to an injury that occurred during the off season Packers running back DuJuan Harris will be placed on the injured reserves for the rest of the season. He bothered his injured knee during the teams preseason game against the Seahawks. Harris finished last season as a starter, with 43 carries and 199 yards, and was listed as still being one until he got a second opinion on his knee. Harris has missed most of the off-season because of the injury, which flared up during his pre-season debut. The team knew that something was wrong, but even Harris had not realized that the problem was a season ender.

Rookie Eddie Lacey is the best bet for his replacement. When Lacey was drafted by the team in April he was expected to be a partner for Harris in the teams offense, but has shown himself to be more than capable during the teams pre-season. In one game he gained 40 yards on eight carries. he also has a lot to prove after he became a second round draft pick.

The team has not said that they will be expecting for Harris to come back later in the season and seem as that they are making plans to replace him, which is the smart move.

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Packers Running Back Out For The Season