Pennsylvania Hosts A Haunted “Naked and Scared Challenge”


So October’s here and that means haunted houses will be popping up all over the place. If you’re looking for one on the East Coast, Pennsylvania‘s “premier haunted scream park” Shocktoberfest debuted “The Naked and Scared Challenge,” inspired by Discovery Channel’s hit show Naked and Afraid.

naked scared challenge j1pqlo Pennsylvania Hosts A Haunted Naked and Scared Challenge

So pretty much, you’re invited to run through a dark haunted house naked alongside naked strangers to test your fears and phobias on a whole new level. The official website reads, “For the first time ever you can now experience the Unknown Haunted House totally naked! See if you have Gymnophobia- the fear of being nude.”

However, the Naked and Scared Challenge attracted so much media coverage that they were forced to downplay the nudity aspect. The website reads, “Although the Naked and Scared Challenge is legal, due to this worldwide attention, it has been requested by our township officials not to offer the ‘nude’ option. Not wanting to engage in a battle with our municipalities we have decided to concede.”

HOWEVER – you can still strip down to your underwear if you go, they just aren’t advertising it. The company behind Shocktoberfest added, “We still feel confident this experience will be very intense. In discussing this with Spring township officials, we may be able to offer the ‘nude’ option next year.” Check out the Naked and Scared Challenge in the video below.

Would you go through a haunted house naked?



Pennsylvania Hosts A Haunted “Naked and Scared Challenge”