Phil The Thrill – TH|NK [Video]


phil the thrill think Phil The Thrill   TH|NK [Video]

Almost like he’s back from the dead, the rapper Phil The Thrill is back to give his listeners a short visual for his song Th|NK. The song is derived from his forthcoming project entitled EN|GMA that will release some time this summer. The visual kiind of takes us on a journey with Phil to figure out, what the hell he is thinking about.

You ever have those days where you get lost in your thoughts? Or it seems like your mind can’t focus entirely on one thing at a time. It’s as if your life becomes one giant blob of inconsistent thinking and reasoning. You almost have to even ask yourself what it is you are pondering. I think Phil The Thrill captures this moment in its entirety through the song and visual.

Let us know what you “th|nk”.

Phil The Thrill – TH|NK [Video]