Profanity is F***ing Good For You!


We’ve all done it. Accidentally dropped food, home team blew the big game , had an intense orgasm…all reasons to use a four letter word. Turns out the bad words aren’t all that bad.

profanity 1 Profanity is F***ing Good For You!

Of course the social taboo is still lurking around but damn that! A few studies have been introduced in recent years to show that profanity can actually assist in relieving pain and releasing stress. One of my favorites is the cold water test conducted on a group of college students. They held their hands in icy water to see how long they could last both with and without the assistance of profane language. On average they were able to keep their hands submerged for 40 seconds longer when they were permitted to swear.

1348488190669 421374 Profanity is F***ing Good For You!

Other studies have shown that employees who are allowed to use profane language at work have a lower stress level. I guess that’s why everyone at Soletron is so chill.

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