Pujols: Best Years Behind Him?


Albert Pujols has been one of the best players in modern-day baseball. He’s consistently put up great numbers year in and year out and has been an 8-time All-Star. But has Pujols seen his best days?

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A career spent entirely with the St. Louis Cardinals, Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels before last season. Ironic or not, his stats took a bit of a dip. Not to say they were horrendous by any means, but for Pujols’ standards they weren’t up to par.

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His numbers did spike in a couple of areas: at bats and strikeouts. His strikeouts were the highest they’ve ever been, except for his rookie season. At bats increased to do the DH option of the American League.

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As far as stats that took a plunge, they were at an all-time low in the following categories: runs, hits, homeruns, walks, and batting average. The dip in stats may be due to adjusting to American League pitching, but he should’ve had an advantage there as well. Pitchers hadn’t seen him and he hadn’t seen those pitchers. We’ll count it as a level playing field.

Is Albert Pujols on the decline? Only time will tell.

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Pujols: Best Years Behind Him?