Quick Question, XBox 360 Or Playstation 3?


Xbox 360 Vs PS3 Quick Question, XBox 360 Or Playstation 3?

The game consoles Playstation 3 by Sony and the XBox360 by Microsoft are both very popular products. But to what avail? Is there some sort of preference of one over the other in the market because of make-up? Or does is the products worth simply contingent upon the person using it. I guess, what I’m trying to say is…which is better, Xbox360 or Playstation 3? Inquiring minds would surely like to know.

Let’s examine a few specifics before we try to make a lofty attempt at making a decision. There is the obvious facet between the two consoles being that they own the rights to certain game franchises. For example you can’t play Final Fantasy on Xbox360 and you can’t play Halo on Playstation 3. But this isn’t really something that warrants a comparison. It’s kind of a black and white type of thing. So onward.

The Playstation 3 can play blue-ray disc, but can’t play high definition DVD’s. The Xbox 360 can’t play blue ray disc but can play high definition DVD’s. Ok, so now we’re right back where we started. Does this make one better than the other. Further more, I believe that the controller on the Xbox is much more comfortable to hold and the game play feels the closest to real life. When placed in juxtaposition with the lightweight, sometimes slippery feeling Playstation 3 controller, the Xbox360 counterpart serves as a better choice. However, whether this makes the game system better than PS3, I have no idea.

This is harder than LeBron Vs. Kobe.

Just something to think about. For some more nerd talk on the specs head over to Salon.com