Rachel Zoe Is Blaming Bravo For Failed Ratings


Fashion icon and stylist, Rachel Zoe is blaming Bravo executives for her reality show’s failed ratings.  Rachel believes that Bravo calculated placing her former assistant and celebrity stylist’s show after hers which has caused The Rachel Zoe Project’s ratings to tank.

rachel zoe bravo Rachel Zoe Is Blaming Bravo For Failed Ratings

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Rachel Zoe allegedly believes Bravo portrays her former assistant, Brad Goreski to be really nice, even though he up and left his assistant job to start his own celebrity styling business after his stint with Rachel on TV.  RadarOnline is reporting,

“Rachel thinks it was a very calculated maneuver by Bravo to run Brad’s show after hers, and thinks it’s negatively impacting her fashion empire. Brad has been portrayed in the press in a very sympathetic way, and an all around nice guy. Rachel believes that Brad’s show running after hers is just a negative reminder to their bad break-up when he quit working for her to embark out on his own.”

Rachel apparently doesn’t want anything to do with Brad, hasn’t spoken with him since he left his position as her assistant, and since her show was around first, she believes it’s a huge slap in the face from BravoThe Rachel Zoe Project is in it’s fifth season and has lost nearly 40 percent in the lucrative 18-49 demographic.

brad goreski gettyimages Rachel Zoe Is Blaming Bravo For Failed Ratings

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According to Bravo ratings, Rachel’s show on Wednesday night had it’s all time lowest ratings per episode to date since August 2009.  The Rachel Zoe Project had 348,000 viewers in the coveted 18-49 demographic, while It’s A Brad, Brad World had 622,000 tune-in.

Do you think Bravo planned Rachel Zoe’s downfall?

SOURCE: RadarOnline

Rachel Zoe Is Blaming Bravo For Failed Ratings