Rapper Tim Dog Fakes Death, Arrest Warrant Issued


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The story of Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair is a long one. To break it down, Tim Dog was a rapper from the early 90′s.  Unfortunately, he isn’t most known for his lyrical ability but for his ability to con unexpected women out of money. Last year Dateline NBC ran an expose on the former rapper where he revealed how he had relationships with several women and the women would give him money towards his rap career. The rapper has never faced any jail time for this. Fast forward to just a few short weeks ago, news spread that rapper Tim Dog passed away. Now we come to find out, he may not have died at all and it was all another scam.

Esther Pilgrim, whom he convinced to invest $32,000 in his “business” after meeting her on an online dating site, roused suspicion that he may have faked his death. She hired a private investigator and compelled a local news station to investigate as well.

“I believe he was so angry that he had to pay me back,” she told Memphis, Tennessee’s WREG. Blair was ordered to pay Pilgrim $100 per month. She said once news spread of his death, the payments stopped, but she’s still owed $19,000.

Prosecutor Steve Jubera said, “I need proof … I need a death certificate showing that’s he’s dead because as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive.”

Reportedly, the news station helping Pilgrim investigate spoke to an affiliate of Blair’s. Ced-Gee, Ultramagnetic MCs member and producer of Blair’s most popular song, “F— Compton,” said that he refused to speak at Blair’s funeral because he did not see a death certificate, and, further, that he’s not even certain a funeral took place. Ultramagnetic MCs associate Kool Keith chose to perform an honorary set to acknowledge Blair’s death.

Rapper Tim Dog Fakes Death, Arrest Warrant Issued