Rex Needs The Axe


rex ryan gn6odb Rex Needs The Axe

Rex Ryan’s job has been in jeopardy for awhile now. He hung onto the head coaching position in New York by the skin of his teeth, and now it’s time for a change. Ryan made the decision to put in Mark Sanchez during the fourth quarter of their preseason game against the Giants. Sanchez ended up injuring his shoulder behind the second string offensive line.

After the game, Ryan told the press that he felt it was important for Sanchez to be in there. Now, I don’t know exactly why he felt it was important, but I sure hope the “importance” wasn’t winning the game. To me, it’s more important NOT having your potential starting quarterback in a game behind non-starters in a PRESEASON game. That may just be me though.

Image Source: turnonthejets

Rex Needs The Axe