RHOA Booty Popping Drama


RHOA Kenya Moore does it again. As if her new single “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” wasn’t bad enough, last night’s episode showed Kenya’s real wild side.

The past few episodes exposed a feud with Kenya and fellow housewife Phaedra because of a business deal gone bad. Phaedra backed out of a workout DVD venture with Kenya who then decided to do her own workout DVD. “Who wants a donkey booty anyway, I prefer a Stallion Booty,” said Kenya, explaining her case to the other wives. As both women continued their separate business deals so did the feud between them.

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Pic Courtesy of The Examiner

Kenya, upset at all the rumors she’d been hearing, decided to embarrass Phaedra, but in my opinion ending up embarrassing herself. She arrived at Nene’s Shoe Dazzle event for charity in a tong bikini with a net cover-up, mimicking Phaedra’s outfit in Anguilla. She accessorized the outfit with an over-the-top hat and butt pads on both butt cheeks.

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Pic Courtesy of The Stir

There is a time and place for everything Ms. Kenya, and that was not the time nor place for that. Of course Kenya’s grand entrance lead to an argument between her and Phaedra. Kenya has always called herself a role model. Was she being a role model last night? I don’t think so. Can’t wait to see what booty popping drama next week’s episode brings.

RHOA Booty Popping Drama