Russell Simmons YouTube Come Up


Let’s follow the cyclic pattern of advancement, shall we? We’ll use the transportation industry as our muse. Humans started walking as a means of travel. Then, we invented wheels. Thus, came the attachment of said wheels to dune buggies and horses. This was followed by the invention of steamboats, submarines, planes, railroads, automobiles, spaceships and whatever else our brains will possibly ever imagine. Albeit, that’s a gross over-generalization of transportation evolution, but my point is every industry has its era. That era comes to an end when a new invention is accepted and preferred by the masses. Thus, a decline in revenue for its predecessor inevitably ensues.

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The music industry didn’t get this memo at the onset of Y2K, apparently. Despite the urging of many informed individuals and companies who were able to see the digital market trend, the music industry chose not to change its method of distribution. With a proven track record of billions of dollars in revenue, can you blame them? Though we’re unable to judge, the hit their pockets took speaks loudly enough. Towers Records, and big label heads may not have understood this change, but Russell Simmons sure does. That’s why he’s co-founding a label solely dedicated to finding talent on YouTube. The name of the label is All Def Digital. With its start set to launch this summer, All Def Digital will consist of a multichannel network on YouTube that gives undiscovered talent their chance at fame.

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Russell Simmons has a proven track record that reflects he knows how to find and develop talent. As one of the founders of Def Jam, he is responsible for signing artists like LL Cool J, and the Beastie Boys. With this YouTube venture he believes he can tap into a market that is currently underserved. Considering greats, such as Justin Beiber and Psy got their big break on YouTube, we look forward to the next teenybopper idol or the newest dance craze Russell Simmons will be responsible for bringing to us next.

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Russell Simmons YouTube Come Up