Say Anything Best of the 1980′s


Want to win the girl, but can’t compete in books? Take lessons from this flick as John Cusack (Lloyd Dobbler) tries to win the valedictorian Ione Skye (Diane Court) over by playing music on a boom box outside of her window. The film is written and directed by Cameron Crowe.

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Diane is Daddy’s little girl and her Daddy got into a heap of trouble with the IRS. He does not like the relationship of Lloyd and Diane happening. Lloyd wins her over after graduation and stays with her even though her father is incarcerated.

Diane is set to go on a fellowship trip to England and Lloyd is set to go nowhere. Still their regular relationship unfolds and Diane falls for Lloyd letting go of her relationship with her father.

An interesting romantic comedy that usually doesn’t ever happen, so there is still hope for you if you can’t win the intellectual girl. Try being in a relationship with her in person if you dare, you might win her heart and steal her away. He was a kick-boxer so he did have some game. And really is there anything wrong with being average? You just have to win at the most important times.