Seahawks PED Troubles


bruce irvin ped wi28j0 Seahawks PED Troubles

The veterans of the Seattle Seahawks called a players-only meeting recently to talk about all the performance-enhancing drug problems the team has had lately. Defensive End Bruce Irvin just became the 5th player on Seattle to get suspended for testing positive for a banned substance since 2011. He’ll be suspended for the first four regular season games in 2013.

richard sherman skvnjj Seahawks PED Troubles

Cornerback Richard Sherman also tested positive for the PED, but there were flaws in collecting his urine sample so the suspension was overturned. That was a lucky break for the Seahawks as Sherman is a key component to their defense.

The Seahawks have a lot of depth so the recent suspensions shouldn’t be too much of a factor. However, if the trend continues they will have serious problems. Their veterans hopefully put a stop to that.

Image Sources: yahoosports, foxsports

Seahawks PED Troubles