Seattle Ideal Place For Qualifier?


centurylink soccer zqs7qh Seattle Ideal Place For Qualifier?

The Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle, has provided a great atmosphere for soccer games for awhile now. The Seattle Sounders continually draw large crowds, including this past weekend where 53,679 fans showed up for the game. That being said, the U.S. Men’s National Team will play a World Cup qualifying match against Panama tonight at CenturyLink Field at 10:00pm EST.

Do you find yourself asking, “why have they never played there before?” If it will provide such an advantage with a great homecrowd, it should’ve been a no-brainer. The reason is because the field at CenturyLink is turf. The U.S. Soccer Federation requested the field be covered in sod for the occasion.

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After the Sounders game, however, some players said the field was less than ideal as it was bumpy and torn up in certain places. Midfielder Michael Bradley told FOX that “it’s far from ideal. Seattle certainly deserves a game, but the field leaves a lot to be desired.”

The U.S. team has been on the field to practice and Clint Dempsey had a different opinion: “I would say the field is good. The ball rolls good. The ball will be rolling quickly, which is important, and be rolling true. I’d rather play with real grass put over turf than on just turf.”

If Dempsey says it’s okay, that’s enough for me. I think it’ll be a great turnout and advantage for the United States, which is always huge in a qualifying match.

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Seattle Ideal Place For Qualifier?