Sexy Jedi Bubblebath (video)


sexy jedi bubblebath e1362421224155 Sexy Jedi Bubblebath (video)

What we have here, Soletron traffickers, is a pseudo body wash commercial brought to by  Nerdist. We here at Soletron thank you, people of Nerdist, for we have this thing about sexy girls. We like ‘em, that’s our thing. In real life, it doesn’t get much better than two college-aged chicks in a bathtub of bubbles. In the imagination land of youtube, it doesn’t get much better than two college aged chicks in wet t-shirts wielding light sabers. Just thinking about wet t-shirts has given me an idea! Before I tell you what it is, watch the video.

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Image Source: moviecitizens
Sexy Jedi Bubblebath (video)