Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne Reconciling?


Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have been living separately while Ozzy tries to clean up his act from another bout with drugs.  But yesterday the longtime couple were caught having lunch together in Beverly Hills.

0519 sharon ozzy kelly osbourne startraks 3 Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne Reconciling?

The pair got together at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel where it appeared more like a business lunch rather than anything romantic.  Sharon refuses to get back together with Ozzy until he proves he’s sober for good this time.  Ozzy Osbourne confessed on his Facebook page that he’s been sober since early March.

By the end of the lunch date, the couple appeared to be ‘cozying’ up to one another in the booth.  Later that evening, they walked the Red Carpet together with daughter Kelly at an event in Beverly Hills.  Perhaps they only met to discuss their Red Carpet strategy, but whatever they talked about seemed to work, because the whole family looked happy!


Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne Reconciling?