Skateboarding fails compilation (video)


skateboard fall Skateboarding fails compilation (video)I watch this video and notice that no one wore a helmet or pads, thus factoring into the “fail” title. I didn’t used to wear pads or a helmet. I didn’t want to spend the money on them. I didn’t want to spend the time putting them on. I wanted to be free, and I felt that pads inhibited that feeling.

Then I went to the E.R. I was skitching, the first time I had done it. The car and me holding onto the spoiler reached 25mph. Then I got speed wobbles and I jumped off with the intention of running to a halt. I fell and rolled. I wore a tank top and shorts at the time and had gashes all over my body. There was a circular area on my kneecap the size of a silver dollar that had no skin. I could have touched the bone if I wanted to.

skateboard fall fail e1362597669367 Skateboarding fails compilation (video)

Some people don’t wear pads because it’s not cool. Being macho is sometimes dumb. Those people are too insecure to admit to themselves that their bodies are frail (in comparison to asphalt, concrete, and steel). Now watch this video as see person after person fall and get hurt.

Image Source: lat34, mediacarbonated

Skateboarding fails compilation (video)