So What About Lil Wayne’s Skateboard Brand TrukFit?


So, I’m sure by now we all know that the Carter IV rapper Lil Wayne has dumped his new clothing ‘TrukFit’ on to the market for the skateboarding crowd. What we don’t know is if the crowd is actually taking it to the skate parks. Is Lil Wayne believable as a skateboarding rockstar as he transitions from superstar gangster who (I might add) reminds us of his blood affiliation every chance he gets. Do we buy this?

trukfit So What About Lil Waynes Skateboard Brand TrukFit?

As of now you can find ‘TrukFit’ at your local Zumiez, Macy’s and all over the internet via mediums such as Karmaloop. And apparently it’s selling because these places wouldn’t hold them if they didn’t. That goes to show you, that there is power in a name…and as Wayne says himself “I don’t do what’s cool…I do what I like”.

I guess I answered my own question. We’ll see how much TrukFit is in the streets this Summer and get back with you.

What are your thoughts?

So What About Lil Wayne’s Skateboard Brand TrukFit?