Soletron App of the Day: Endomondo


With all the hype surrounding getting healthy I figured I would spotlight one of my favorite workout apps, Endomondo.

endomondo Soletron App of the Day: Endomondo

The app is as epic as it’s name, if you run, bike, power walk or any other sport involving distance, it can be tracked through Endomondo. Not only does this app track distance, but it goes so far as to track heart rate, calories burned, average speed, and even perspiration based on determining factors.

Endomondo000301 593x409 Soletron App of the Day: Endomondo

There is a social aspect to it that allows you to encourage others and vice versa by posting workouts, you can even go so far as to pre-map a trail and share it with your friends. The best part is if you are using another workout app it can run right along Endomondo. It features a coaching aspect, options for trying to out do you’re last workout and even a low power setting to maximize battery for those extended workout sessions. There is a free version available for most mobile platforms but the Pro version is nothing short of a beast.


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Soletron App of the Day: Endomondo