Soletron App of the Day: Evernote


Say you need to jot something down, next meeting, grocery list, hit list, you know the usual stuff. There are literally hundreds of apps out there that will help you do it. Few of them however, make it easier to complete the task itself. Evernote does that. Although Evernote has been around for a while it seems as if a lot of people, including some who actually use, ever reap the full rewards of the program.

evernote app 593x344 Soletron App of the Day: Evernote

Evernote makes electronic note taking easy, organized, and worth taking the extra step other than remembering something. It can be beefed up with plug-ins and extensions and accessed from virtually anywhere. You can attach an image to Evernote and then search for the note by the words in that image. the text recognition is second to none. Added features like Skitch, which is an extension to allow you to draw your note instead of write it, makes this app a must have for any smartphone user. If you find it to be a hassle to take notes from your mobile, then Evernote is definitely worth looking into. Besides the logo is an elephant, and they never forget right?

Image Source: Evernote

Soletron App of the Day: Evernote